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Morris 57270, Cat III TRMS Autoranging Digital Power Clamp Meter

Cat III TRMS Autoranging Digital Power Clamp Meter Features: AC, W, VA, VAR, kWh and PE temperature measurement Max count 9999 and double scales analogue bar graph display 99 hours digital calculagraph for active energy measurement Single chip micro controller can deal with measurement, time, autorange switching control Measures: TRMS value, max value, min value Digital Clamp Current Meter Displays kWh measurement value and measuring time in active energy mode High function, low price and widely used power clamp meter Data hold Back Light Max Conductor Size: 1.97″ AC Current(A): 40/100/400/1000A +-2% AC Voltage(V): 100/300/600V +-1.2% Active Power(kW): 4/10/40/100/600 kW +-3% Apparent Power(kVA): 4/10/40/100/600 kVA +-3% Power Factor(PF): 0.3 cap to 0.3 ind +-.02 Reactive Power(KVAR): 4/10/40/100/600 kVAR +-4% Active Eneregy(kWh): 10/100/1000/10000 kWh +-3% Frequency(Hz): 20Hz ~ 1000Hz +-0.5% Temperature(F°): -58°F~572°F +-5.5°F, -572~2372°F +-1% Display: 4 digit LCD Power Supply: 4 x 1.5V AA Operating Temperature: 32°F~104°F(0°C ~ 40°C) Cat III TRMS Autoranging Digital Power Clamp Meter Dimensions 11.8″ x 4.1″ x 2″ Weight 17.5oz.

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