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Morris 57074, Cat III TRMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter

Morris, 57074, Cat III TRMS Autoranging Digital Multimeter with PC Interface Features: RS232 Standard interface Cat III Digital Multimeter has Secondary injection molded case – Santoprene is overmolded on the outer surface for comfort Continuity Test Diode Test Display 3999 counts Relative measurement Auto power off Date hold Auto range and manual range Back light True RMS value DC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V +- 0.5%, 100V+- 0.8% AC Voltage: 4V/40V/400V +-0.8%, 700V+-1.2% DC Current: 400µ A/ 4000µ A/ 40mA / 400mA+-1.2%, 10A +-2.0% AC Current: 400µ / 4000µ / 40m / 400mA +-1.5%, 10A +-3.0% Resistance: 400 / 4k/ 40k / 400k/4M +-1.0%, 40M +-2.0% Capacitance: 50nF +-5.0% 500nF/5µF/50µF 100µF +-3.0% Cat III Digital Multimeter Frequency: 5Hz/50Hz/500Hz/5KHz/+-0.2% Temperature: 4°F to 1832°F (-20°C to 1000°C)

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