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Morris 57072, Cat III Autoranging Digital Multimeter w/ TP

Morris, 57072, Cat III Autoranging Digital Multimeter with Temperature Probe Features: Autoranging AC DC Digital Multimeter is designed to international safety standard IEC61010-1 CAT III 600V Secondary injection molded case – Santoprene is overmolded on the outer surface for comfort Maximum value measurement Back light Auto Power off Auto range Data hold Continuity Test Diode Test Transistor hFE test Display: 1999 counts, digit is .63″ high DC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200/600V+-0.7% AC Voltage: 200m/2/20/200/600V+-0.8% DC Current: 200µ/2000µ/20m/200mA+-1.2%, 2/10A +-2.0% AC Current: 200µ/2000µ/20m/200mA +-1.5%, 2/10A +-3.0% DC Current: (with clamp, optional) :200/2000A (0.1mV/0.1A) +-1.2% AC Current: (with clamp, optional) :200/2000A (0.1mV/0.1A) +-1.5% Resistance: 200 / 2k/ 20k / 200k/2M/20M +-1.2% Temperature: 0°F to 1800°F (-20°C to 1000°C) +-3.0% Battery Test: 1.5V (test current approx 60mA) 3V (test current approx 30mA) 9V(test current approx 12mA)

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