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Longevity 880012, 3/32″ 2% Thoriated Electrode, Pack of 10 pcs

3/32″ 2% Thoriated Electrode, Pack of 10 pcs 2% Thoriated Tungsten (TT2) – (red tipped) – This tungsten is the most common tungsten currently being used with LONGEVITY DC TIG. It is generally utilized for DC welding of mild steel, bronze, and stainless steel and basically all metals except aluminum and offers excellent performance. A drawback is that this tungsten has a low level radiation hazard and the fact that they no recommend to weld aluminum. We recommend this tungsten with our stand alone DC only TIG Welders, our WeldMax series multi-purpose welders, which feature DC TIG welders. The 2% Thoriated Tungsten works well with Inverter Welders.

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