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Longevity 880005, 1/16″ 2% Ceriated Electrode, Pack of 5 pcs

1/16″ 2% Ceriated Electrode, Pack of 5 pcs 2% Ceriated Tungsten (TC2) – (grey tipped) – 2% ceriated is an excellent substitute for 2% thoriated tungsten and is designed for transformer and inverter based power sources. For Transformer DC welding, this tungsten requires less amperage to start so it is recommended for thinner metals. It offers a stable arc and can be used for both AC and DC welding with inverter power sources and is our most popular sold tungsten because it can be used to weld every type of metal in both AC/DC modes in our LONGEVITY INVETER TIG welders. We recommend this unit with our TIGWELD® 200 EX AC/DC TIG/STICK unit or our WeldAll series multi functional welders and plasma cutters because of the versatility of AC/DC welding.

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