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Flowline FT10-5425, Thermo-Flo PVDF Long Liquid Flow Switch

Flowline, FT10-5425, Thermo-Flo 3/4″ Metric PVDF Long Liquid Flow Switch Features: Rugged PVDF sensor for corrosive liquids and gases. Adjustable set point with LED for flow or no-flow status indication. 60VA relay selectable NO or NC via power supply wiring polarity. Solid state sensor is not damaged by over-ranging flow velocities. Application: Offered in liquid and gas sensor types, the general purpose flow switch provides reliable low or no-flow detection of relatively clean, non-coating media with one 1A relay output. Liquid examples include water and acetic acid. Available in Polypropylene-Ryton and PVDF, the short flow sensor is used in pipe or ducting from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″, and the long flow sensor is used in 2″ and up. The flow switch set point may be adjusted from 0.04 to 3 fps in liquids, or 1 to 90 fps in gases as a low-flow alarm. The flow sensor is best applied in applications with relatively constant temperature.

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