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Flowline DL10-01, EchoPod 49.Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Flowline, DL10-01, EchoPod 49.2″ Range Ultrasonic Level Transmitter with Fob USB Adapter, 1″ NPT Includes: Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Fob USB Adapter The general purpose ultrasonic level transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 49.2″ (1.25m)witha4-20mA signal output,and is configured via our free WebCal software. This non-contact liquid level sensor is ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or dirty liquids, and is broadly selected for small day tank, skid, IBC, sump and process tank level applications. The level sensor is configurable via free WebCal PC software and Fob USB adapter. Features: Continuous non-contact level measurement up to 49.2” (1.25m) 4-20 mA output for longer signal distances up to 1000′ (300m) Configuration is fast and easy via WebCal software and USB adapter Narrow 2” beam width and short 2” dead band optimized for small tanks PVDF transducer and 6P polycarbonate enclosure for corrosive liquids Automatic temperature compensation for accurate measurement Success: Stormwater run-off from highways is a major source of pollution that degrades our clean water resources, negatively impacting both wildlife and people. This run-off carries high levels of lead, fuel, oil and chemicals which are commonly found on highways. State and federal agencies monitor run-off to determine its volume, content and risk to the local environment. Here, an EchoPod ultrasonic level sensor is installed over a V-Notch weir on the side of the highway. The continuous level sensor measures the volume of stormwater passing through the weir, and provides a 4-20 mA signal to the wireless telemetry system for remote data collection. Compatible Products: LI25 DataLoop Level Indicator LI55 DataView Level Controller LI90 Commander Multi-Tank Level Controller LC52 DataPoint Level Controller

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