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Core Products AKL-6305-1XL, Deluxe Ankle Support w/ Support Stays

Core Products, AKL-6305-1XL, 10″ – 12″ White Deluxe Ankle Support w/ Support Stays, Large Size Outstanding support for injured ankles and also helps to prevent injury. The Deluxe Ankle Support helps stabilize weak ankles. Removable plastic stays and patented lacing system features offset eyelets and vinyl side supports to help protect the ankle from eversion and inversion injuries Conditions Ankle Injury / Instability; Ankle Sprain: Most are inversion sprains (ankle turns in) 80%; Knee issues; Plantar Fasciitis; Other; High ankle sprains require motions reduction and non-weight bearing measures. Ankle Supports Benefit Options Lace Design: Great for post injury and provides excellent compression & outside inside support. Inserts help limit motions that led to injuries. Ankle supports encourage Ambulation (walking): Edema (swelling) reduction Retain proprioception (sensory perception of area) Retain strength Limits abnormal motion but allows appropriate & necessary motion. Can help with Knee Hyper-Extension. Fitting Landmarks Knee Cap Lower Leg Length / Size of calf Tibial Bone Plateau (area just below knee cap) (Malleolus) the bony protuberance on either side of the ankle, at the lower end of the bottom of lower leg. Heel Bone (Calcaneous) Achilles Tendon Calf Muscle Measurement Snug Fit Measurement: Devices are sized at a compressed fit. Measuring loose vs. skin tight can result in incorrect measurement. Measure: Ankle Circumference; Calf Muscle at the thickest area; Length from Ankle to Knee Can be dictated by support used. Fitting Choose best device for injury. Fit from behind the ankle to the front or slip foot/ankle through brace depending on situation. Best fit is from sitting position with foot flat on the floor. Make any necessary adjustments to laces first. Add plastic stay (inserts) as necessary. Laces should be applied from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up). The higher the support length is up to and through the gastroc, the more effective the brace will be. Mark devices “Left” / “Right” as they will tend to form to foot they shape. Post Fitting Check fitting sitting down and also while walking. Make sure brace has been fitted with appropriate strap tightness. Make sure plastic stay inserts are lined up correctly. Brace should not dig into or irritate the Achilles tendon, bottom of the foot or top of the foot. Plastic stay inserts should not irritate side of the ankle. Add compression from laces starting from the bottom of the brace (at toe end) to the top of the brace (calf end) or (bottom up) with laces or straps.

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