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Burndy UCT32RSSS, Parallel Groove Clamp, 1 Sol – 400 Kcmil

Burndy, UCT32RSSS, Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp, 1 Sol.- 400 for Stainless Steel Hardware Features: Conductor Side Entry simplifies installation of both the run and tap conductors Cover option eliminates brush contact with connection Duckbill feature acts as a handle to easily hold the connector wearing dielectric gloveswhile Expanded conductor range reduces the number of connectors required to satisfy most applications Spring loaded feature that applies constant pressure on the conductor and acts as a third hand to hold the conductors in place to simplify installation The duckbill also acts as a lever to easily open the tap side of the conductor to slide the tap conductor in from the side The duckbill lastly acts as a guide to snap the conductor onto the Run conductor while the Lineman Assist feature holds onto the Tap conductor The handle is especially handy in inclement weather

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