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BlackBox KV1416A-R2, ServSwitch CX KVM Switch

ServSwitch CX with IP, (1) Analog Console Port + (4) Users, (16) Servers Quick Facts Connect one remote user and up to three local users. IP support enables you to access servers remotely. 1600 x 1200 remote resolution with scalable windows. Further Details Connect remotely using real VNC client software or Java™ Web browser. Simplify cabling with CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 UTP cable. Remote users can connect to KVM switch using ServSwitch CX Remote Units (sold separately). Easily switch between computers locally by hotkey, on-screen display, or mouse. Both the ServSwitch CX with IP and the SAMs are flash upgradable. Supports PC, Macintosh, and Sun. Connect traditional PS/2 or newer USB keyboards and mice. Order Server Access Modules (sold separately) with optional audio to hear audio prompts from servers. Cascade switches to control up to 128 servers. Supports DDC emulation. Access and switch remotely between blade servers via the Internet. It’s great for small and mid-size data centers. The ServSwitch CX with IP may just be our most versatile ServSwitch ever-it has all the features you’re looking for to help manage your enterprise network. Like the ServSwitch CX, this model is compatible with all major computer platforms and connects via lightweight, inexpensive twisted-pair cable. But the ServSwitch CX with IP also enables you to access servers across any IP network-even the Internet. Reaches as far as your network. Access and switch remotely between servers over a private intranet or over the Internet. All you need is a Java™ enabled Web browser. Password security keeps out unauthorized users. To connect remote a PS/2 console to your ServSwitch CX with IP, order a ServSwitch CX Remote Unit. Three models are available: Basic, with Audio, and with Audio and Skew Compensation. It’s secure, too. Although the ServSwitch CX with IP can be installed behind the security of your network firewall, it also has the robust security features it needs to be safe on its own. Sophisticated 128-bit public/private key protection locks the switch tight against unauthorized access. Two-tier password protection-administrative and non-adminstrative-adds another layer of protection. You can also restrict client IP addresses, limit access to dialup connections only, or use non-standard port numbers to further confound would-be hackers. Easier connections than ever! There are no bulky KVM cables to deal with. Connect both user stations and servers via lightweight and inexpensive CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 UTP cable. UTP cable provides more distance than KVM cable-you can connect two user stations up to 984.2 feet (300 m) from the switch. This extra distance makes it practical to set up duplicate workstations within your building-in your server room, in your office, wherever it’s convenient for you. The servers connect with UTP cable, too. At the server end, a Server Access Module (SAM) (sold separately) provides keyboard, video, mouse, and speaker connections. Servers may be placed up to 164 feet (50 m) from the switch. Multiplatform operation. You can mix and match different kinds of servers-PC, Mac, and Sun-on the same CX switch! Simply choose the appropriate SAM for each server and you’re set! What’s more, you can connect the ServSwitch CX to either a PS/2 or USB (including Macintosh) keyboard and mouse-it includes both connector types! Get a clear picture. The ServSwitch CX with IP features effective software-based skew compensation to eliminate the annoying video color drift that can sometimes happen on long UTP cable runs. To learn more about skew compensation, click on the “Black Box Explains” on the previous screen. In addition, the switch supports Display Data Channel (DDC) emulation. It enables your monitor to communicate with the attached CPUs’ video cards and configure the CPUs’ video drivers automatically at bootup. Maximize your control. Although each ServSwitch CX with IP supports up to 16 or 24 directly connected servers, this is by no means the limit-you can daisychain switches to control up to 128 host servers. You can cascade up to three levels deep with servers situated at any level within the cascade tree. Simple server selection. Whether you’re working at a user station or the local analog console port in the server room, you can select a server to access and control via on-screen menus or hotkeys. On-screen menus make server selection simple because you can give each server a name that makes sense to you. Sight and sound support. The ServSwitch CX with IP provides super-sharp resolutions up to 1900 x 1440 for all users up to 164 feet (50 m) away. And at up to 984.2 feet (300 m) away, the CX displays 1024 x 1280 video resolution. By choosing a Server Access Module (sold separately) with audio, you add support for stereo speakers, enabling you to hear audible alerts. Take charge with your power. The ServSwitch CX with IP has a power control port that enables a remote user to reset one or more power switches in the host system. Plus, dual power connectors enable the CX to draw power from its included wallmount adapter or from an optional redundant power supply if there’s a power failure. Ready right now-and for the future. The switch comes complete with rackmounting hardware to install the switch in any open 1U of rack space in your server room. It can also be flash upgraded, so it’s obsolescence-proof. These products work with: ServSwitch CX Server Access Modules (KV1400A-KV1404A) ServSwitch CX Remote Units (KV04A-REM, KV04A-REM, KV04AS-REM) ServSwitch CX (KV0416A, KV0424A-R2)

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