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BlackBox FOR-KL-10-005M-LCLC, Fiber Patch Cable

BlackBox, FOR-KL-10-005M-LCLC, Fiber Optic Patch Cable, Key Locking 10-GbE, 50um, LC-LC, 5m Features: 10-GbE laser-optimized OM3 50-micron fiber. Prevent unauthorized personnel from disrupting vital network connections. Protect publicly accessible network connections. Avoid preventable downtime from accidental disconnects. Cables stay locked in place-until YOU take them out. Select from three types of cables with different locks: secure/secure, secure/key, and key/key. Key locks require a removal tool; Secure locks do not. Details: Make your fiber patch cables a Layer 1 security tool. Lock up critical network ports in data centers, and wiring closets to prevent disconnects and vandalism. Stop disgruntled employees from causing havoc and bringing the network down. Prevent tampering in public areas such as hotels, airports, event centers, government offices, shops, and more. Perfect for safeguarding wireless access points, security cameras, and PoE equipment connections. Ideal for a variety of industries: healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, government, and more. Meets Optical Multimode 3 (OM3) standard for high-bandwidth communications. Laser-optimized for 10-GbE up to 300 meters. Use with either LED or laser light sources. With a laser light source, bandwidth increases to 2000 MHz/km. Features tight-buffered fiber, aramid yarn strength members, and a flexible, flame-retardant PVC jacket with a UV-curable acrylate coating.

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